Saturday, November 20, 2010

i will miss u all...:'(
i never get the chance to say
how much i care,
to thank both of u from my heart,
for always being there..
both of u are always
been my strength..
through any troubled time..
with both of u around..
i know,
any mountain i can climb..
u all are always been my guide..
and given me direction..
both of u have my respect..
with all my love 
and affection...

:::just for u mom and dad:::
-thankz from the bottom of my heart for all what both of u done to for me..teach me..and sacrified many things to lurve u so much !sory for all what i've done to u..didnt listen u..not paying attention to u..make u sad..hurt u for everythings..sory for trouble u a lot.. Allah bless both of u..grant u all good of u all..and love u all.. will do my very best for my life now..pray for me keyh..redhai diriku..
may allah let all what i go through clear..
lastly from me, thankz a lot !sorry for hurting, trouble, burden u all so much with myself, my word, my attitude, my wishes, my karenah, and what ever laa...i love u all !muahhhhh~(:x)

..angah and along..
along..thankz for everything..sory if i'm hurt u..with my 'perangai' word..uhhh~sory3 ! 
angah..thankz a lot too..sory for word if hurt attitude that u don't like..i'm so sorry !
u all are the best brother i have...uhhh~i love u all..i'll miss all our memories that we had together..from we still children until now n forever..

u are the only my little sis i had..i didnt have the other else to replace u..u are mean to me..all we had together..even slalu je bermasam mke, mrajuk, bertekak, bergadoh...but hampir everything we share together..uhhhh~thankz for be my friends when i need someone to laugh..thankz for everything !sory for hurting u with my word always..

u are the only my little brother i had..u cant be replaced with the other boy outside..u are mean to me..u are so cute !hehe..even we are always gadoh2, bertekak, deruwihh((hehe))...but u are the best little bro..uhhh~i'll miss all we had together..sorry for hurting u with my word.. my hand..sorry a lot dear !

u are the very best sis to me..thankz for what u've done to me..thankz for being my listener when i need someone to story mory..for being my guide when i need some advise or view..for being my friend..for being my sis..even that time just a while, i very meant it...uhhhh~i miss our memories that we had..may u happy with ur family now..send my love regards for mia ! i love u so muchhhh~

di kejauhan ini,memberi makna yang sangat mendalam dalam hidupku...mengajar aku erti rindu !erti sebenar adik beradik !even kite slalu bergadoh, bertekak but that doesnt mean we dont care each other..membuat aku lebih menyayangi mereke lebeyh dari sebelumnya..dan takut untuk kehilangan mereka semua !!!bila kejauhan begini, aku rindu akan mereka semua..walau sebelum nieyh dok sebok2 nk dok asrama..ble dh msok asrama,ambik ko...ini rupenye yang aku rasa..seperti satu penyeksaan rasanye...uhhhh~moge penyeksaan ini akan berakhir..
ya Allah..Kau permudahkanlah segala urusanku di duniawi dan ukhrawi ini..
Kau permudahkanlah segala urusan ibu dan ayahku di duniawi dan ukhrawi ini..
Kau permudahkanlah segala urusan along,angah,kakchik dan irfan  di duniawi dan ukhrawi ini..
ya Allah...
moge tautan ukhuwah antara kita ini akan kekal selamanya hingga ke jannatul firdausi..
moge mahabbah chenta kita sentiase mekar di dalam hati sanubari..
moge rasa rindu, sayang dan kasih sesame kita sentiase wujud didalam hearty maseng2...
i love u all so much..i didnt know how to show it..just my writing, my care, my gift that i give show how much
 i care, i love, and i miss u all so much...

((salam sayang buat semua..muahhhh~))

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