Friday, November 12, 2010

4+1 Crazy Mazy Friendz

10 November 2010
4+1 Crazy Mazy Friendz

our sweet time on our past time...
i really can't forget it..
all what we had together..
all what we do together..
all the memories laa...
there are so sweet to me..
do u all still remember it??
or just me here remember it~
if that time we can repeat again~
i will make u all happy with me..
i will make u all smile and no tears..
i will take good care for u all..
i will make all our times more sweeter
than all what we had before...
now i know...
and i already know...
that i'm not important anymore....

time may take us apart..
but my heart will didnt let
u all go away...

what ever i mean for u all..
its okeyh..
i understand..
but, if u all still need me..
i'm stilll here...

may allah bless you all....


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