Monday, March 3, 2014

Betapa mudahnya hatimu mendua... :'(

seriously, aku terasa.
how dare you break her heart ?

dear my dearest.
hopefully you stay strong.
to face all this.
eventhough it hurt so much.

dear my dearest.
Allah has better plan for you.
YAKIN itu.

dear my dearest.
maybe it full of memories.
and i dont know if you can erase it just like eraser.
it take time.
and i know YOU CAN !

dear my dearest.
please stay strong.
keep calm.
i can't look you down, sad, depressed.

dear my dearest.
please stay strong.
kita jauh.
i'm not behind you to look of you.
i just can stay here.
and hear you story.
i'm worried about you.

dear my dearest.
i can feel what you feel.
i put myself in your shoes.
and i dont know if i can stay strong like you do.

awak-awak yang lelaki ni.
adakah semuanya sama ?
mudah mendua bila jarak memisahkan ?
i'm curious.

dear my sweetheart.
hopefully not one of them.
please !

dear my sweetheart.
my love is just for you after all the important in my life.
please, dont break it.
i believe in you so much.
i hope in you too so much.
bila hati awak dah takde saya.
please. bagitahu.
even it hurt so much.
but it more better than you hide it.

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